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Overview of Bright Lights

Bright stands for Being Radiant in Godliness, Holiness, and Testimony. The first Bright Lights group was started in 1996 by a 17-year-old young lady named Sarah Mally. The Lord had given her a desire to encourage younger girls to be strong for the Lord in their youth, and she decided to begin a discipleship group in her living room in order to give these girls vision, encouragement, and teaching in godliness.

Since that first meeting, Bright Lights has seen God’s hand of direction and blessing in many ways. There are now over 600 groups that have started worldwide. Bright Lights continues to train leaders to begin groups, host Strong in the Lord conferences and Radiant Purity conferences, and provide discipleship material for moms and daughters. It is exciting to see many young ladies making commitments to seek the Lord and shine their light brightly for Him.

In Bright Lights our purposes are:

  1. To encourage the pursuit of godliness
  2. To provide positive peer influence and accountability
  3. To have a group which can be a team to minister to others

What is a “bright light”? It is a girl who has given her life to Jesus Christ, trusting in Him alone for salvation and for the grace to live each day according to His will. It is a girl who knows how to respond "just right" to people and circumstances, demonstrating godliness in her actions and attitudes. It is a girl who has Biblical convictions and commitments (holiness), and is able to go through her teenage years strong for the Lord without stumbling as many do. It is a girl who touches the lives of others by her servant’s spirit, her radiant countenance, and the message of eternal life through Jesus Christ (testimony). God wants bright lights! There is a great need for more of them in this generation of darkness.

“Let no man despise thy youth, but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity” (I Tim. 4:12).