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This conference, including practical teaching, insightful testimonies, humorous skits, a chalk talk, harp music, singing, hands-on activities, and small group times with sharing and interaction will encourage young ladies to seek the Lord with all of their heart. It will challenge and prepare girls to stay strong for the Lord all the way through their teen years, and provide these girls with the friendship, fellowship, and godly influence of young ladies who are bright lights for the Lord.


Conference Topics:strong_in_the_lord_conference

How to be Strong for the Lord in Your Youth
Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends
How to Turn Your Heart to Your Parents
How to be a Bright Light to the World
Keeping Yourself Pure from Polluting Influences
Such as infectious diseases here is an antibiotic
Seeking the Lord with all of Your Heart
Developing a Disciplined Walk With God

For: ages 8-14
Note: older girls may register and attend as well

Parents are encouraged to attend the conference in order to hear what their daughters are learning and reinforce it at home. While the girls are meeting in small groups, sessions are offered for mothers and fathers covering topics such as Watchdog Dad, Dad the Family Pacesetter, Winning the Heart of Your Daughter, and Families for the Kingdom of God.


Typical Seminar Schedule

First evening 6:00-9:00 pm
Second Day 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

This conference is taught by Sarah Mally and radiant young women who serve as staff with the Bright Lights ministry.

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Comments from Strong in the Lord Conferences Attendees

My daughter and I had such a wonderful time. I think I cried through the entire conference. I was so full of emotion about things that the Lord was speaking to me about regarding relationships with each of my children. I am trusting Him to restore relationships where there has been brokenness. I am trusting Him to continue to show me where I have been wrong.

This was an amazing conference.  I found myself crying because of how touched I was. – 8 yr old girl

[I was] so impressed with the maturity and spiritual lives of the young women who were up front! The use of memorized Scripture throughout all the presentations is such a wonderful testimony to our daughters!

“Before I came to your Bright Lights conferences I used to think that being a Christian was stupid. I used to think that when I turned 18 I would be able to do whatever I wanted, but I guess I didn’t stop to think how stupid that was. I also hated to read my Bible so much, that sometimes I would lie to my mom when she asked if I did it, or I would just read a sentence and call that reading it. The second my mom told me I was going to the Bright Lights conference in Clearwater, I thought, “Oh great! Just what I need, a whole bunch of ‘goody-goodys’ teaching me what I already know and don’t exactly care for!”  Well, I had no idea what I was in for! When I saw all the faces of the Bright Lights leaders and how your countenances looked so joyous and young, I thought, “Wow! I want to be just like them!” My mom was always telling me that the ways of the world are bad and can really mess you up, and I knew I should listen, but I was rebellious and it always went in one ear and out the other. I also didn’t understand what the difference was in someone’s life if they were a Christian. You helped me see that point of view. As soon as I got those Bible reading goals I couldn’t wait to start. I just wanted to say thank you for bringing me closer to the Lord.” - 12 yr old girl

Thank you so much! I plan to trust God more, to love my siblings more, and to tell my mom everything. – 11 year old girl

I’m going to make some things right (clear my conscience) and refresh my devotions and to seek God in a new way. It is so encouraging because I’ve really been trying to shine for Him and to know Jesus as my best friend. —14 year old girl

This is a wonderful new change in [my daughter’s] heart …I was very moved and extremely blessed by your conference!!!

"My oldest daughter (now 16) and I attended a Bright Lights conference in Oklahoma City five years ago. What a blessing it was! We still see and marvel at the fruits. Now my younger daughter and I are looking forward to your Radiant Purity conference in July. We can't wait to see what God will do next!"

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