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Radiant Purity Conference
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A young lady who is pure shines with a radiant brightness in this world of darkness. How can a girl stay physically and emotionally pure as she waits for God’s best in marriage?

This conference will encourage young ladies to be committed to emotional purity, to walk by faith, and to wait for God’s best in marriage. Creatively presented through stories and testimonies, practical instruction, skits, and real-life examples, this conference gives Biblical answers to everyday questions and deep life struggles. The material is discreet and appropriate for twelve year olds and yet relevant to all ages. Includes testimonies from young ladies who serve as Bright Lights staff, chalk drawings, and harp music.

Conference Topics:radiant_purity_conference

Waiting for God’s Best
Living with a Purpose
Giving your Heart to Your Father
Avoiding the Dangers of the World’s Thinking
How to Delight in Jesus Our Heavenly Prince
Using Your Years of Singleness for God
What the Lord Says About Modesty
How to Guard Your Heart When You Have a Crush
Internet Cautions

For girls ages 12-22. Mothers and Fathers encouraged to come, too.

Parents’ Sessions Include:

Every Mother’s Example
40 Ways to Protect the Hearts of Your Daughters
Talking to Young Men who Express Interest in Your Daughters

Typical Seminar Schedule:

Friday evening 6:00-9:00
Saturday from 9:00-6:00

This conference is taught by Sarah Mally and radiant young women who serve as staff with the Bright Lights ministry.

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Comments from Radiant Purity Conference Attendees

It would be an underestimation to say that my daughter and I have thoroughly enjoyed the conference. As a matter of fact, God used you and your team leaders to reveal truths to my daughter and I that weekend. She said that she was truly transformed by some of the sessions and made a commitment to wait for the Lord's best for her life not only in terms of marriage but other areas as well.

I think I learned a lot about how to handle crushes. After this weekend, I’m much more committed to staying emotionally pure for my future husband. – l6 year old young lady

The conference was amazing.  We were so impressed with the leadership and so encouraged to continue to follow God’s pattern for young ladies, instead of the world’s.  So much of the teaching confirmed what my husband and I believe and are trying to teach our daughter.  We especially appreciate the new information about Internet usage. This has long been a serious concern for us. We have been disappointed that none of our Christian friends has taken this issue seriously enough. We no longer feel like the lone voice in the wilderness.

“How to guard your heart when you have a crush” met me where I’m at right now. But all of the topics spoke to me in some way. I made a commitment to surrender everything to the Lord, to totally guard my heart to the glory of God, to live to serve God with my life, and to be a woman of vision.

I have never been to a conference like this one! It was an amazing answer to prayer. I know your Strong in the Lord and Radiant Purity conference had a big impact on my two daughters. The teaching from the Word also changed my heart and I learned things that I have never heard before. I have been in church since I was 5 years old… that is 30 years, why is this beautiful Godly message about femininity and modesty not being preached? I realize that some churches are, but I feel I have really missed out. Thank you.

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