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Bright Lights Material

Training young ladies to be strong for the Lord in their youth, to avoid rebellion during the teen years, to develop godly character, and to shine as bright lights to the world

The Bright Lights Curriculum is divided into sets of lessons—each set emphasizing how to apply God’s Word in a specific area of life. Click here for an overview of the lessons covered in each set.

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Mothers and Daughters

For mothers and daughters using the material at home, we suggest that once a week you have a special mother-daughter time, read through one booklet aloud together, discuss it, pray together, listen to the section of the CD which goes along with that lesson (approximately ten minutes), and determine ways both of you can be applying this topic to your life this week. We encourage you as mothers not to give your daughter all the material at once. It will be more special for your daughter to receive one booklet at a time to add into her binder. When you finish the sets you have, you can order other sets to add into the binder. The other sections of the notebook (daily growth, my stories, and resources) are for the young lady to use to keep personal records. You and your daughter may want to hold each other accountable for daily disciplines. You may also want to help your daughter write her own testimonies or assign them as a school project. If you are interested in using the Bright Lights materials with your daughter, we recommend that you order the Bright Lights Discipleship Package 1.

The Supplement CDs

There is a supplement CD included with every set. This contains stories and testimonies to go along with each lesson. The CDs help girls get a better grasp of the truth presented because they not only read the lesson, but are able to hear testimonies that reinforce it. Listening to the CD makes young ladies feel more like they are a part of the ministry and gives them a better taste of the vision and spirit of Bright Lights. It is also especially powerful for girls to hear other young ladies sharing their desire to be strong in the Lord as well as their struggles in their own Christian walk.

Comments from Mothers and Daughters Using Bright Lights Material

"Thanks so much for writing these.  We are on our third time through them with the girls!"

"I just did the first part of Set One with my mom. It was wonderful. It made me realize things that I didn’t before. It also led me to tell my mom things I have wanted to tell her but I just didn’t."

"My 10-year old daughter, my 13- year old (and myself) all want to say thank you for allowing God to work in and through you in a mighty way. We are so thankful for your ministry! It has changed all of our lives. We are so blessed every day to read through your Bright Lights material and know there are others with like minds out there. We have been feeling as though we were alone in a desert, even amidst our own church family. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Your material is as a breath of fresh air and gives us much hope each day."

"My mom bought me the Bright Lights notebook, and we started to do it together. After a few lessons I started realizing that I wasn’t living the way I should. Bright Lights really caused me to start thinking about what God must be thinking about my life… Bright Lights has taught me a lot. I am especially grateful for the way my relationship with my mom has changed. I used to think that my mom was just another person, but now—she’s my very best friend."

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