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Five Areas Defeating Christian Young People
How can we have Christ-centered families in an ungodly world? How can parents pass on a Biblical foundation? In this session the Mallys will share biblical answers to five areas which are defeating many Christian young people in today’s world. They will share practical ways to encourage the next generation to be strong for the Lord in their youth, avoid rebellion during the teen years, and have direction for their life and ministry.
Families for the Kingdom of God
It is easy to underestimate the tremendous potential we have as families for the Kingdom of God. In this workshop, the Mallys will share how important it is for every family to be serving the Lord together as a family team. When a family works together for the Lord, the young people are given motivation and vision, the family learns to overcome struggles and work in harmony, and mighty works are accomplished for God's kingdom. This workshop will give encouragement, direction, and practical ideas for developing a “ministry mindset” in children and ministering together as a family.
Will Our Generation Speak? A Call to Be Bold with the Gospel
How do we get a witnessing conversation started? What if someone asks a question we can’t answer? What if we feel scared? How can we articulate the truth of the gospel with boldness, confidence, clarity and accuracy? In this session, Sarah and Grace Mally, together with their father Harold, share practical tips, ideas, and stories about how to effectively communicate the gospel to those around us. We only have one life to live, and it goes by fast! Today’s Christian home school youth are in a position like Esther. God has raised them up “for such a time as this.” We need to work together and encourage each other. The question is, “Will our generation speak?”

Helping Daughters Expose Lies and Speak Truth in Their Heart 
Many girls try to change their wrong actions, but never learn to discern the wrong thinking behind the actions. As girls replace lies with the truth, they will see how God’s Word will transform each area of their lives as the truth sets them free! In this session Sarah will include many stories, illustrations and practical tips for both mothers and daughters as she discusses topics such as a girls’ emotions, purity, an understanding of who God is, and a proper view of who we are in light of the truths from Scripture.
With all the twisted thinking around us, it is absolutely necessary for our young people to be well grounded in the truth of God’s Word. Sarah will challenge parents to help their daughters identify lieswhich are root issues behind struggles they face.  When a young lady learns to “speak truth” TO herself, she is planting her feet upon an unshakeable foundation that will resist even the most powerful attacks of the enemy.

Preparing Young Ladies for Their Teen-age Years
Sarah and Grace Mally will share from their perspective as daughters about how parents can win their daughters’ hearts. Sarah and Grace are very thankful for the emphasis their parents put on discipleship during their homeschool years and, in this workshop, they will share some of the specific choices their parents made that they are especially grateful for. Sarah and Grace will also share practical ways to encourage young ladies to be strong for the Lord in their youth, avoid rebellion during the teen years, have direction for their life and ministry, and maintain strong relationships with parents.
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Raising Pure Daughters in a Generation of Darkness
A young lady who is pure will shine with a radiant brightness in this world of darkness. How can parents help their daughter stay physically and emotionally pure as she waits for God’s best in marriage? How can they give protection and guidance in the midst of the worldly influences surrounding us? How can parents impart to their daughters the vision for radiant purity? The answers are found in satisfaction in Christ and in a life poured out for Him. This workshop, taught by Sarah and Grace Mally, share daughters’ perspectives and gives practical advice and suggestions to both parents and daughters.
Before You Meet Prince Charming
Young ladies often have many questions as they think about their future and look forward to meeting their “Prince Charming.” How should they prepare for marriage? How can they deal with a crush? What if they feel they have already made mistakes? How can they know God’s will? In this workshop, Sarah and Grace Mally will share from the perspective as single young ladies about the importance of trusting the Lord in this area and following His ways not the world’s ways. They will give Biblical answers to both everyday questions and the deeper struggles of life, discussing topics such as the dangers of the dating system, the importance of guarding our hearts and minds, building strong relationships with parents, being wise in our friendships with young men, using our years of singleness for the Lord, and delighting in Jesus our Heavenly Prince.
Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends
Many parents say that one of their biggest struggles in home schooling is the bickering and fighting that occurs between their children. In this session, Sarah and Grace Mally, co-authors of the book Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends, will share how they have worked through pride, offenses, and irritations in their relationship, and learned to become best friends. This presentation, including ideas, insights, stories, and personal testimonies, is recommended for the entire family.
Peace Treaties in the Living Room
Sarah and Grace Mally, homeschool graduates, will challenge families to seek God's very best in their family relationships and "fight the GOOD fight" at home. Sharing personal examples and stories of how God has worked in their lives, they will cover topics such as how to overcome irritations and anger, how to apply humility and mercy, how to work through pride and offenses, and how to maintain a peaceful home. They will share practical ideas about how parents can impart these principles to their children at a young age. Sarah and Grace are coauthors of the book, Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends.
Eight Ways to Train Young Men to Be Leaders
There is a question that Christians everywhere seem to be asking: "Where are all the godly young men?" There certainly seems to be a lack of strong, godly men to lead our families and churches and the nation. Yet it is also true that the Lord is preparing many godly young men and is raising them up as a new generation of powerful leaders. He is looking for young men who will hear the call, follow Him wholeheartedly and join the battle. In this session, Harold Mally will give practical teaching about how young men can gain vision and boldness, how they can successfully avoid the snares of the enemy, and how fathers can lead the way and impart spiritual direction in their sons' lives.
No Place Like Home – Enjoying Being Parent and Avoiding Disaster
This session will cover 8 Presuppositions that every parent must understand.  It will also review many principles and processes that every family encounters and that shape children and prepare them for God’s purposes and calling.  By Harold and Rebekah Mally
Preparing Young People for Mighty Works
Sarah and Grace Mally, two homeschool graduates, together with their father, will discuss the importance of being a Christ-centered family in an ungodly world. How can parents pass on a Biblical foundation? How can young people be prepared, not just for college or a career, but for the mighty works the Lord has called them to do? How can they avoid rebellion and shipwreck? How can they find purpose and gain zeal? When a family has an eternal mindset and takes initiative in ministry, the young people are given motivation and vision, the family learns to overcome struggles and work in harmony, and mighty works are accomplished for God's kingdom. This workshop will give practical ideas, direction and encouragement to help children and young people become mighty warriors for Christ.

Imparting to Your Family a Solid Creation Worldview
How should godly families respond to the evolutionary, atheistic, anti-Christian culture around us?  Regardless of what science curriculum your family uses, there are basic issues that every child must understand. Whether he or she is headed to a Christian college, a secular university, a job, ministry at home or raising a family, the proper worldview is vital. Parents cannot merely rely on a good science curriculum or a program at church—they need to oversee their child’s education themselves and be sure some specific basics are covered. What arguments and logical fallacies do the evolutionists use against the Bible?  What fundamental answers do our kids need to have?  What resources are most helpful?  How should we respond to the blindness of the world in which we live? Understanding these issues is essential if your son or daughter is going to be an ambassador for Christ, equipped for every good work.
Learning From Dad
When Dad teaches, that’s the “ultimate education!” Children respond most to what they learn from Dad. He is the most influential authority in their life. He is the pacesetter, protector, and provider of the family. What is the most important thing for a Dad to teach? How can a busy Dad find the time? This session will encourage fathers by giving them added vision and useful tools. It will address the essentials that fathers need to teach and will provide practical help, encouragement, and ideas. This session is for fathers only. By Harold Mally.
Knights, Maidens, and Dragon
How to find the right life partner and avoid or slay the many dragons along the path. Using stories, testimonies, and skits, this session looks at a series of Biblical concepts that are safeguards for young people as they embark on this important journey. By Harold Mally and daughter Grace