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4:12 – A One-On-One Discipleship Tool
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Have you ever noticed how meaningful a good, edifying one-on-one conversation can be? Although discipleship groups or classes can be great, there is much value in the individualized attention received when someone is discipled one-on-one. With this in mind, we developed a one-on-one discipleship program to use within our Bright Lights group. The older girls went through it with the younger girls and both were strengthened and encouraged.

It’s called “4:12″, based on three theme discipleship verses: 1 Timothy 4:12, Ephesians 4:12 and Colossians 4:12. We have been very encouraged by the results we’ve seen each time we’ve used this material. It’s designed to help older girls or mothers spend one-on-one time with younger girls studying God’s Word, discussing important areas of life, committing to pray for each other, and holding each other accountable in Scripture memory and other disciplines and projects. You can buy the booklets premade for $2.00 per girl from our online store or you can download the material for free and print and staple the booklets yourself.

Topics Covered:
Submitting Every Area of Your Life to Christ
Honoring Your Parents
Trusting God in Difficult Situations
Pressing on to the Mark (Keep growing!)
Delighting in the Lord – our Heavenly Prince
Honoring God in our Thoughts
Getting Along With Brothers and Sisters
Don’t be Lukewarm

Download the material for free:
4:12 Instruction Sheets
4:12 Group Instructions
4:12 Sample Invitation
4:12 Booklet page 1 front and back
4:12 Booklet page 2 front and back
4:12 Booklet page 3 front and back
4:12 Booklet page 4 front and back
4:12 Booklet cover and back

Printing Instructions for the 4:12 booklet:
Pages must be printed on both sides. Otherwise the booklet will not come together properly. Print each page front and back. (When you open the documents, you will see that page 8 is on the back of 1, 7 on the back of 2, and so on.) Print them double-sided, staple, and fold! We recommend that you print the cover on white cardstock.

To see pictures and a report from the first time our Bright Lights group used 4:12, visit this Grace Notes post