More Reports From Bright Lights Leaders

From a Leader in Michigan
I would like to update you on my Bright Lights class. I taught it as a class at our home school co-op and the 10-week semester is finished now. It was very exciting to see how the girls grew as the class progressed. I was so encouraged to witness the changes God was working within them. At the very beginning, they were very quiet and didn't open up or share anything. By the end it was wonderful to see how they wanted to share events from their week or how they had practiced what we had learned in our last lesson or even just commenting on a point of the lesson.

From a Leader in Florida
Something that really amazes me is how moldable the young girls are. They can make changes so much easier that I can! Some of them REALLY ARE learning and growing, and aren't just there for the fun and snacks. They encourage me so much!  Also, some of the younger girls who had to wait a year to start coming to Bright Lights are counting down the days until they can start coming in August. They are such sweet girls and I can't wait to have them in our group!

From a Leader in Indiana
We started meeting in January of 2007 and it has been a joy each step of the way. The second time we met, my mother was in intensive care, I had shingles in my mouth and was feeling utterly exhausted—By the end of the meeting, I was floating with the overwhelming faithfulness of God. He allowed me to see the potential and I was able to fix my eyes more solidly on His kingdom. In the past 15 months God has brought over 40 girls and 6 mentors to us.  After attending the training conference, I realized the importance of having older teen role models and began asking young ladies that radiated with a love for the Lord.  We started with 4 mentors, but as the group grew, we prayed for more. About 33 girls have chosen to stay and be consistent for the past year. This curriculum is like nothing else I have ever worked with.  My husband and I were youth leaders for 20 years and other than the Bible, the majority of material out there is "symptom based," but this cuts to the root of the problems. I also appreciate that it is appropriate for all ages. The mentors are 18 and 19, I am 46 and we all get so much from it. May God continue to use this ministry for His glory!

From a Leader in Iowa:
Our group has been a super encouragement to me! I'm amazed how refreshed I feel after giving each lesson. Especially, when I can tell that the girls benefited from that particular lesson. Basically I've been going through the lessons in order. But, this time (our next meeting is on Tuesday) I'm talking about what I learned at a retreat I went to during the holidays. I can't wait to share what I learned with my girls :) I think that God gave me that learning experience, not only for my benefit and growth, but to share it with my (His!) girls. I've been growing closer and closer to the seven girls who have been coming. I work for the parents of one of these girls, so I often hear about this girl applying each lesson. I'm so amazingly overjoyed with everything I hear that God does in her life though what she hears at Bright Lights! I've seen so much change in her, which is so wonderful, because I saw what I was when I was her age. God is using my sinful past to help turn this girl's heart towards Him! I'm so glad I'm not the only one learning from my mistakes. Sharing personal examples has been hard at times but so worth it!

I always thought of myself as pretty consistent in how I acted around everyone, but I've been really watching myself, realizing these girls are watching me in two different settings. I've been surprised when they quote me from times I thought they weren't listening! God, keep a watch over my mouth!

From a Leader in Kansas
I just wanted to drop you a line to bring encouragement to you!!  Our group has gone through Sets 1, 2 and half of 3.  I am hearing from so many mothers how much they have loved the written lessons!!  I often prepare for my lesson one to two days in advance (something I am not proud of) and ask God to show me what He wants me to share with the girls. I am often in awe at what the girls share with me. Some of them have such deep struggles and I see such great maturity in them that I am convicted. Teaching is not one of my natural gifts and I often thank God that the lessons are written so wonderfully!  When the mother's thank me over and over again for teaching the girls I have to pass the credit on to God's great work!  

From a Leader in Iowa:
I have been SO excited about how God has been working in our B.R.I.G.H.T. Lights group lately!!! A few lessons ago we presented the lesson about the importance of reading you Bible every day. After the lesson I put up the challenge for the girls to read their Bibles every day for a month. It didn't seem like the girls were paying much attention, and I wondered how many would actually do it. But the next meeting almost all of them came back with a glowing report of how they had been able to not just make, but keep their commitments to read their Bibles every day! One mom came and told me that she had tried everything she could think of to get her two younger daughters to have a daily Bible reading. However, after the B.L. meeting they went home with a new excitement! They made a chart and wouldn't go to bed until they had read their chapter! The next B.L. after that, I was VERY pleased to see more than half my group complete the challenge of reading their Bibles every day for a month!  Of course after beginning these daily disciplines, it has been much easier for the girls to continue reading their Bibles, and a lot have them have grown spiritually! Last B.L. was the lesson about the importance of memorizing large sections of the Bible. I had gotten very excited about this lesson myself, so once again I put up another challenge. I challenged each of my girls to memorize Philippians 2!