Conversation-Starter Objects:
Rope trick illustration
Evangecube Grip (mini version)

Questionnaires and Tracts
Standard questionnaire
St. Patrick’s questionnaire
Easter questionnaire
Fourth of July questionnaire

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History of St Patrick
Evidence for the Resurrection
Christmas Quiz
The Price of Liberty
Incredible Creature Cards
Climbers and Creepers Cards

The Bible Is Not Like the Game of Telephone
Mexico Call
The NEA Gospel Outreach
Witnessing at the St Patrick’s Parade
Will Our Generation Speak? Drawing Video
Testify Training Camp
Answers in Genesis Outreach at Iowa State Fair

Recommended Bible Teaching
Cedar Rapids Bible Chapel
The Unfiltered Word
Bravehearted Christian

Good Websites to Direct Unbelievers To
Your Origins Matter
Just Stop and Think
Answers in Genesis
Debunked (Produced by Reasons for Hope)

One Hour of Prayer
Sample schedule

Living Waters
Answers in Genesis
Reasons for Hope
Eternity Arts